Icy Hot is not cool.

Ha, I just saw the place to enter a title.  I don’t REALLY have to do that…do I?

Ok, maybe I should, just for future reference.

There, I gave it a title.  (Ha, you didn’t look up to see what it was did you? I did when I proofed this before publishing it.  Ha ha ha @ me.)

A few days ago my elbow was complaining and so I rubbed/rolled on a little bit of Icy Hot Medicated from the No Mess Applicator.  I’d used it on my husband’s shoulder and neck and he had no complaints, so after a quick double check of the ingredients, I put a bit on and went about my housework. 

A couple of hours later, I was sitting here at the computer and noticed my elbow was burning and growing “hotter” by the minute and turning red.  I washed the Icy Hot off with soap and water and the cold water seemed to take away the burning for a bit, but it soon returned.  I searched online for a remedy that would work and found nothing that proved reliable (yes, I did try them).

The only active ingredient listed on the applicator is menthol.  Menthol is cooling.  At least every experience I’ve ever had with it has been.  I knew there had to be something else in it that did not appear on the applicator.

The Icy Hot website was no help, so I tried Walmart’s site and was able to pull up the backside of the box it comes in and found listed in the INACTIVE ingredients something that was quite a surprise to me.



In the INACTIVE ingredient list?  Really?  Anyone who has ever eaten anything with Capsaicin in it knows it is NOT an inactive ingredient.

Once I knew what I was dealing with, the remedy was easy – milk.  I poured a bit of milk on a cloth and held it on my elbow for about 10 minutes and when I removed it all was well.  No more burning!



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