The Right Thing

How does one know what the right thing is?

If I went by feeling alone I would act on many things that I believe the “right thing” when in hindsight these “right things” look extremely wrong.

Today hubby and I sat at a local fast foody for several hours and talked about the “right thing” to do about a situation we find ourselves in.  We know what seems right, sounds right and even feels right – but will we look back in months/years and find that the “right thing” was actually the wrong thing and that calling it quits and moving off in a different direction was not the “right thing” to do?

It seems the “right thing” should be an easy thing to discern. But, it isn’t….

Not when fears and indecision and uncertainty and hopes and dreams all blend together and muddy a clear view of what the “right thing” looks like.

For me, determining the “right thing” involves prayer and attention to what my faith instructs.  As a follower of Jesus, I have to ask myself what advice he would give, what his opinion of the “right thing” would be, and what example he provided in the life he lived. 

The “right thing” is not always the easy thing, or the popular thing, or the thing that produces the most happiness.  The “right thing” is often the hardest, least popular and brings sadness.

But the “right thing” provides peace and moves us forward into what’s next and brings freedom and opportunity.

I’ll be honest – the “right thing” scares me sometimes.  And, when I look foward two months to where we will be if/when we do the “right thing” – it’s not exactly peace and joy that I sense.  But, I do feel a surge of excitement.

And, a resurgence of hope.

The “right thing” – can’t go wrong with it.




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