Thursday the 12th

It’s been one of those days.

Well, actually, the day was great up until 4 pm.

Funny, how a couple of disappointing events can sour the whole day. 

Two things happened and I’m left stunned and feeling I had a Friday the 13th kinda day on Thursday the 12th.

I’m amazed that I allowed these two things to color my day in a negative light.

I cannot change the people responsible any more than I can edit their words.

But, I can take responsibility for myself.  I can change my outlook and my reaction.  I can change myself.

I can refuse the “bad” and embrace the “good.”  I can move away from the wrong and toward the right. I can set my thoughts on positive and wholesome things instead of rehashing things said and done.

I can’t change the ignorance and thoughtless actions and words of others, but I can choose to act in wisdom.

And, wisdom dictates I declare Thursday the 12th a great day! and that which miffed me as not worth consideration.

It is what it is.  They are who they are.  And, I am who I am.

And, the latter is where I begin – with myself.




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