Entertain Me

I treated myself to lunch at my laptop and asked foxnews.com to entertain me.

And, entertain me it did!

Scientists are going to drill down to a lake buried 2 miles beneath the Antarctic ice. It “could uncover previously unknown life that has been cut off from the world for millennia.”

Um…ha ha ha.  I’m entertained.  Maybe the unknown life doesn’t want to be uncovered – maybe it prefers to be cut off from the world. Maybe….

Did you know some scientists are talking about putting sunshades on the earth? or think we should plant light colored plants and paint our roofs white? or brighten clouds with sea water?   

Can we say “ice age??”  Oh, yeah, I am entertained! 

And, this – oh, my…this is Leap Year with Leap Day on February 29.  And, now June 30 we will have a LEAP SECOND to keep up with the earth’s rotation! 

And get this – wind farms are distorting radar readings! At least that’s what scientists are warning and it’s “leading the Department of Defense and the National Weather Service to spend millions in a scramble to preserve their detection capabilities.”  

It appears hurricanes are unpredictible.  Hahahahahahahahaha.  Ahem…it appears the advance predictions about hurricanes aren’t accurate. Two Colorado State University climatologists have been independently tracking and predicting the severity of hurricanes for almost 30 years and they are abandoning long-range forecasting efforts.

Duh – I didn’t need a degree to know that.  They could have saved a pile of money, fed a Third World nation, built houses for homeless families, rebuilt cities and towns devastated  by hurricanes…. 

Hmmm…what started out to be entertaining quickly became “grrrrr.”

Ok, here’s another – did you know the Loch Ness Monster’s Home is not on the level?  I was “into” the article until I came to one paragraph.  

The depth of the loch changed by 1.5 millimeters (0.06 inches) at its different ends depending on whether the North Sea tide was in or not, according to researchers at the National Oceanography Center in the UK and the University of Porto, Portugal.

Changed by 1.5 mm. 

Ha ha ha ha ha ha – oh, yeah, I’m entertained! Lots of money and time and manpower – the article is a serious piece and the information was published in the Journal of Geophysical Research.  But it still struck me funny – and I am still shaking my head over it.

Thank you foxnews.com for such an entertaining collection of seriously newsworthy articles.






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