After church Sunday, hubby and I slipped into a nearby McDonald’s and ordered our usual.

Next to me, awaiting her order was a woman.                                                                    With cell phone to her ear she said, “yes, the 14 on the van and the guy in the dress…”

   Yeah, I was surprised!

And, so was the young guy who had just taken my order. The look on his face when she said “the guy in the dress” was hilarious…eyes opened wide, his mouth fell open, his head jerked forward and he stared at the woman in surprise.

As I looked at the woman and tried to make sense of what I’d just heard, a well dressed man walked up beside her (I’d seen him and his female partner seated near the door as we entered the restaurant) and asked, “how much more do you need?”

She looked surprised and asked what he meant.

He said, “you don’t have enough food for all you intend to feed, do you?”

Her reply was a surprised, “no, we lack one burger and one small fry.”

He took out a bill and handed it to her and asked, “will this cover it?” and when she nodded her surprised “yes”, he quietly walked away.

I don’t know what the denomination of the bill was.  Or, for that matter what his church denomination was – or even if he goes to church.  What I do know is that he entered the situation at a time when the need was greatest, showed love and concern, supplied what was needed, then exited as quietly and as quickly as he entered.

She was surprised. The cashier was surprised.  I was surprised.

None of it was expected when I walked into McD’s on the arm of my sweet hubby.  And, what surprised me most was my reaction.

When I heard her say “the man in the dress” my eyes were just as big as those of the cashier, my mouth flew open, too, and I stared at her with my head jutted forward.

Surprised by my reaction, I quickly gathered myself and pulled my “spiritual robes” about me as I became wrapped up in my own thoughts about the man wearing the dress.

And, my reaction when the man walked up and knew what she needed and I didn’t, though I was standing less than 2 feet away – and, not only knew what the need was but supplied that need?

Yeah, you guessed it – surprised!

And, not in a good way.


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