KK Question

Hubby and I dropped in the local Krispy Kreme Doughnut shop to redeem coupons for a free cup of Krispy Kreme Coffee, a 99 cent cup of Mocha, a free dark chocolate strawberry-filled doughnut and $2.00 off a dozen glazed doughnuts.

Instead of grabbing and going, we claimed a table and sat to enjoy our drinks. Through a huge glass window we were able to look into the bakery and watch the doughnuts cook, then travel down the belt to be glazed.

The fragrance of coffee and fresh doughnuts took me back to simpler days when “KK” Doughnuts were a rare treat and watching the doughnuts cook mesmerized me.

A family with 5 children stood watching the cooking/glazing process through the huge glass window. Ooo’s and aaaahhhh’s flowed from them in appreciation of not only the process but the amount of glaze dripping from each freshly glazed doughnut.  An occasional “wow” punctuated the atmosphere and I smiled as I remembered my own first experience watching KK Doughnuts go from gooey batter to glistening delights.  And, the taste of one still warm from the belt….

M-m-m-m…I can almost taste it now, 50 years later.

As hubby and I rose to leave, the youngest of the five tugged his mom’s hand hard and said, “Momma, look at the man.  Why is he throwing the baby doughnuts away?”

I looked up to see a worker slip a long handled spatula under two of the smaller doughnuts on the conveyor belt and flip them into a tall trash container.

It seemed a sad waste to me, but I knew those that didn’t meet the standard couldn’t be sold.

“Momma!  Momma!  Why? Why is the man throwing the babies away??” the little boy asked again, this time with urgency in his voice.

I don’t know what his mom said or if it satisfied him.  Hubby and I were on our way out the door when he asked the second time and almost to the car when I turned to see that she had leaned over to answer him.  His question – “Why is the man throwing the babies away??” – still rang in my ears.

It’s a question I’ve asked myself – perhaps not in those exact words – and one to which I’ve not yet received a satisfying answer.


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