Have you ever noticed that “TODAY” is present tense?

There is no “YESTERDAY” in it. (It’s not backward looking – not past tense.)

And, no “TOMORROW.” (It’s not dependent upon the future – not future tense.)


So often we forget that each day we wake, we wake to TODAY. We don’t wake to YESTERDAY or TOMORROW.

But, we live like we do.

Sure, our YESTERDAYs have importance – they brought us to where we are TODAY, but they don’t dictate who we are TODAY or how we live TODAY.

And, our TOMORROWs will speak of what we do TODAY and of opportunities and choices and decisions made TODAY – but TOMORROW may never come.

TODAY is no longer YESTERDAY and not yet TOMORROW. It is neither past nor future. TODAY is present – now.

And, we need to live it – TODAY-minded.

We don’t have to follow the same patterns we did YESTERDAY.  We don’t have to think the same thoughts we did YESTERDAY. We don’t have to be the same person we were YESTERDAY. We don’t have to live locked into YESTERDAY. We can break free TODAY.

We don’t have to wait until TOMORROW – we have TODAY – only TODAY.

This is where we make a difference – TODAY. We can’t make a difference YESTERDAY – it’s a memory. We can’t TOMORROW – it’s a dream. TODAY – right now – this moment is rock solid reality.

What will you do with it?

Lean fully into the present.  Live now.



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