The Fallen

I took a tumble.

The alarm sounded and in the darkness I reached for my sweatpants.

I grabbed Hubby’s instead.

With my right leg in, I leaned right and lifted my left leg and stuck it into the remaining leg opening, then proceeded to straighten my left leg…weight on my right.

But, my left foot would not clear the end of the pant leg. I pressed the issue, pushing down harder with my foot and pulling up harder with my hands as I attempted to get my foot through the leg of the sweat pants.

Suddenly I was off balance.  My foot popped through the opening just as my right foot left the floor and I teetered to the right and began to fall.

What a helpless feeling to be off balance and know there’s nothing you can do to prevent a fall.

Arms reach out to brace and hands grab at anything.  But, when you’re upended there’s not a lot you can do.  Gravity is in control and down you go.

The bed was behind me and a glass/metal shelf was to my right under the window.  Our bedroom is small and the space in which I tottered was limited.

Up my feet went and down the rest of me crashed – part of me glanced off the bed but most of me fell hard onto the shelf.

As I crashed downward my mind was screaming “NO!” but my body could not comply with my heart’s desire.

Down I went.

The racket I raised was enough to alert Hubby but I was already on my feet by the time he got to me.

“Are you okay? What happened?” he asked.

As I rubbed my bruised arm and stretched my aching back (and gave thanks that the glass/metal shelf did not break) I explained what had happened.

  • It was dark.
  • I grabbed his sweatpants, not mine.
  • Left foot wouldn’t go through the leg.
  • I forced the issue.
  • Right foot was standing on the opening of the left leg.
  • When I pulled hard, I yanked the pants out from under my foot
  • which upended me
  • and I fell, off balance, glancing off the edge of the bed and into the glass/metal shelves.

Bless him – he didn’t laugh.

We all fall.

  • morally
  • mentally
  • physically
  • emotionally
  • verbally
  • relationally

It doesn’t take much and we find ourselves off balance, unable to right ourselves, and down we go.

Bumps, bruises, cuts, breaks…falls hurt.

It really doesn’t matter whether actions that led up to the fall were intentional or accidental – the result is the same. We fall.

Oh, sure, we pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off and attempt to get on with life without anyone knowing our pain (or, our embarrassment). But, it’s hard.  Falling hurts.

Hubby did exactly what I needed – he offered help, hugs, encouragement, a listening ear, concern – and later, advice that would help me maintain my balance and hopefully prevent another fall.

He didn’t judge me – fallen woman that I was. He didn’t go all righteous on me. He didn’t fuss at me.  He didn’t ask why or how.

He asked, “Are you okay? Are you hurt?” And, he said, “Let me help you.  I love you and I’m sorry you fell.”

May I be ever mindful to return that kindness and concern to another who is among the fallen.


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