From a Different Angle

Fire Damages Gas Station Near Woodbine 

– A gas station near Woodbine was damaged by a fire early Monday morning.

The fire broke out just before 5 a.m. at the Phillips 66 on Glenrose Avenue.

First responders reported flames and heavy smoke coming from the building. Sky 5 HD showed multiple fire engines on the scene.

The fire was extinguished by 6:30 a.m.

No injuries have been reported. The cause of the fire was under investigation.

I woke a few minutes before 5, and again a few minutes after 5 – each time wondering, “Why?” Sleep was fitful and I finally rose at 6 to attend to a little work that was nagging me.

My usual morning pattern was broken so I saw little harm in checking the local news before heading here to write.  (You never know what inspiration local news might offer.)

I saw the headline above scroll past on the website of Channel 5 News.  “Woodbine” caught my attention.  I live in Woodbine but the gas station in the picture was not familiar to me – even with the street name listed, I still couldn’t place its location.

Of course, the picture was taken before daylight and from an angle I’d never viewed it.

I was stymied.

My mind hopped into its imaginary car and traveled the entire length of Glenrose Avenue.  And, then I “saw” it – a mile from my house.  Every time I head West I pass that station. Hubby drives past it every day he works. Daughter buys gas there when her tank nears empty.  We pass it on the way to church.

As a child, my friends and I walked to it, or the store across from it, and bought penny candy and chips and cashed in cola bottles we’d picked up on the walk down there.

I knew the gas station, but not from the angle presented in the picture.

All those fire trucks…”multiple engines on the scene” is how the news reported it…and I heard nothing.

All that excitement going on just a mile from me and I was unaware.

That bothers me for some reason, and I’m not sure why.

I didn’t need to be aware and I had nothing to offer those fighting the fire or investigating the scene.  But, still…it bothers me that I was so close and knew nothing.

It also bothers me when I learn of a friend who is going through a hard time or has suffered loss and know that I failed to hear the siren’s wail or see the flashing lights.

Or, that I viewed things from an odd angle and didn’t recognize familiar landmarks – made assumptions, took action or made comments – and messed up royally, putting my foot in my mouth instead of out the door.


5 thoughts on “From a Different Angle

  1. “As a child, my friends and I walked to it, or the store across from it, and bought penny candy and chips and cashed in cola bottles we’d picked up on the walk down there.” Yes, we did friend. 🙂

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