I Think About Me

“I think about me and I know there”

That was at the bottom of yesterday’s draft when I returned to it after a brief absence.

I do not recall writing it nor do I understand what it means…is related to or what I was going to say next. Or, why.

The content above the incomplete thought bore no indication of what my thinking was when I penned that brief phrase.

I was away from the computer less than 5 minutes.  How could it leave me that quickly?

I think about me and I know there

I think about me and I know there…what?

Why was I thinking about myself?  And where was I going with that thought?

I think about me and I know there

  • are times when I think I’m all that and a box of chocolates (or bag of chips)
  • are a lot of mistakes and misadventures
  • are other places I prefer to be than here
  • is a dearth of depth and understanding
  • are others who don’t think about me at all
  • are times when I speak before thinking
  • isn’t all that much to think about
  • is more than meets the eye
  • are times when I mean well but don’t do well
  • should probably be a picture of me in the medical dictionary under psychotic
  • is much to change
  • ‘s a lot of love and caring
  • are places I still hurt
  • is a deep dislike for some things (spiders) and a profound love for other things (friends/family)
  • are better thoughts to think
  • lies undiscovered potential
  • hides fear and longing
  • laughs an idiot
  • lives a life in search of significance
  • there is more than me and mine
  • is you

When you think about you, you know there….


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