It’s Hard – Do What You Can

“It’s hard,” she began, “when you realize you’re no longer a child and you wait for your parents to take charge and you realize it’s YOU who is supposed to make decisions concerning your own children – it’s hard when you wait for your mom to tell you what she’s cooking and taking to the church dinner and then realize it’s YOU who’s supposed to cook it and take it, not your mom…it’s hard when you learn someone is sick and realize it’s YOU, not your mom, who needs to cook and take something to them…and it’s hard when you realize it’s YOUR mom who is the one who’s sick and in need of a meal…it’s hard when you have your own family and responsibilities and YOU have to step in and clean your mom’s house because she’s no longer able to clean her own….”

“It’s hard…,” she choked off the last words and my heart broke for this young woman with a full-time job, a husband and two young boys of her own to manage coupled with the burden of her mother’s illness and the emotional needs and concerns of her dad, herself, and her family.

It is hard.

And, it’s not fair.

It’s not fair that her mother is ill.  It’s not fair that she is robbed of her mother’s presence and support at this time in her life.  It’s not fair that her life revolves around the needs of others and she has no time for herself or her own needs.

It’s NOT fair.

It IS hard.

There is no one who can walk this path for her.  There is no one who can step in and take over for her.  This is her path and she must walk it.

But, she does not have to walk it alone.

I am limited in what I can offer, but I can offer what I have.  It might not be much and it might not seem like much to others. But, it’s all I have and I am willing to give it to her.

What will you do for her? You are, no doubt, wondering who I’m talking about and if you know this young woman.  Does it really matter if you know THIS young woman when there are countless others in need of someone to walk the hard, unfair, lonely path with them?

They don’t ask or expect that you walk their path for them, but all wish for someone willing to walk their path with them…even if only for a few steps.

Are you willing to offer what you can, even if it’s only a few steps along the way?


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