A Couple is Two – Baby Makes Three

30 years ago today Hubby and I celebrated our last day as a couple.

I was “ripe for the picking,” an elderly country gentleman declared.  And, I agreed.

For 9 months we had known our carefree days as a couple would end and that life as a family would begin with the squall of our firstborn.

I’d read the books. We had taken childbirth classes.  We knew what to expect and how it would all play out.

Everything was in place. We were ready.  Had it all planned out.  We thought all that was needed was for Junior to make his/her appearance.

You’re smiling, aren’t you….

I’m smiling, too.  In a couple of months my son and his precious bride will leave their carefree couple days behind and become a family.

Do I have any advice for them?  Sure I do:

Things rarely go exactly as we expect – and that’s okay. Don’t stress over the details. Relax and enjoy every moment!


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