The Last Pope?

Seeking inspiration I googled “weird news” and from the list presented clicked NBC Weird News.  When nothing immediately caught my eye I scrolled down the page and came upon Are Cardinals electing the last pope?

The last pope?  Now that would be weird.

So, yes…I clicked the link. And, yes.  I’m going to tease you with a bit of it.

Excerpts from the piece by Carol Grisanti, Producer, NBC News, follow.

Church bells are sounding the alarm for doomsayers and conspiracy theorists here as cardinals convene to elect a new leader for the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics.

According to an ancient prediction, this next pope will be the last.

That theory dates back more than 900 years to when Malachy O’Morgair, the 12th century Archbishop of Ireland, had a vision.

Legend has it that St. Malachy, as he is now known, had a strange dream while on a visit to Rome. He “saw” all the names of the future popes – complete with identifying characteristics – who would rule the church until the end of time.

Malachy’s “Prophecy of the Popes,” as his vision is called, named Benedict XVI as the 111th – and penultimate – pope. The vision ended with the 112th pope.

The first pope, according to the list, would be “from a castle on the Tiber” – for believers, that was clearly Pope Celestine II who was born on the shores of the Tiber River.

Pope Benedict was apparently described as “glory of the olives” and doomsayers point to his choice of the name Benedict, since the founder of the Benedictine Order was also known as Olivetans.

And in Malachy’s vision, the last pope – who will soon be elected – is described this way: “in extreme persecution, the seat of the Holy Roman Church will be occupied by Peter the Roman…”

While none of the Italian Cardinals are called Peter, one favorite to become Pope is Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana.

If that was not enough to send shivers down a few spines, Nostradamus, the 16th century French astrologer and seer, predicted much the same as Malachy.

Nostradamus warned that the next-to-last pope would “flee Rome in December when the great comet is seen in the daytime.”

The Comet ISON, with its 40,000 mile-long tail, has been visible the past couple months as Benedict prepared to abdicate and leave Rome for his temporary home in Castel Gandolfo.

And for those well-versed in the language of brimstone and fire, the signs could not have been more transparent when just hours after Benedict announced he would abdicate, a bolt of lightning struck St. Peter’s Basilica, the very heart of Christianity. A few days later a shower of meteorites fell and devastated a village in Russia.  Read more.

I’m not Catholic, not a seer of future events, nor am I a doomsdayer or a doomsayer.  But, one day my world will see its last pope elected.

My world will end. And, so will yours.

What hope have we beyond the grave?

What hope indeed!

2 thoughts on “The Last Pope?

  1. The prediction of the last pope, according to Catholic lore, is far less exciting. Somewhere in Vatican City is a collection of all the pictures of the popes. When the area was built, they made oodles and gobs (Catholic school was a long time ago) of empty frames for future popes. I thought this pope was the one to fill the last frame, but there may be one left. The story I was told in grade school was: the world would end when all the frames were filled.

    Strange, the trivia that is stored away…

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