Good to the Last Drop

Maxwell House is my preferred brand of coffee.

I scooped the final grounds from the blue container yesterday and savored my final cup of Maxwell House.  It was good to the last drop.

…final cup until all of the grounds in the red container are used and a new supply of Maxwell House is obtained.

I’m not a coffee connoisseur, but I know what I like and this cup of Folgers is not it. Perhaps I need to fiddle with the amount of grounds per cups of water.

Maxwell House French Roast was smooth.  Folgers Country Roast Mild hangs in the back of my throat…powdery and bitter.

When I draw the coffee into my mouth and it crosses my tongue, there’s not that “coffee” moment where my taste buds say “wow!” This brew tastes watery…dirty.  Like it was, indeed, ground this morning.

And, it sets my teeth on edge.

Not one to open a container and fail to finish it, I may be tempted to seek a Maxwell House sale somewhere and spread this sorry excuse for brew on a patch of weeds I saw sprouting along my fence row.

The best part of waking up is certainly not Folgers in my cup this morning!

Hubby will be up soon and I’ll watch his expression as he sips his first cup.

My mind drifts to the brim full red container in the cabinet.  It was a great price and it was a brand name coffee.  Two of my favorite criteria for purchasing coffee. And, at the time, I thought it was a bargain because of the size of the container.

Right now, I’m thinking of how many days it will take for me to run though this much Folgers and wondering if it wouldn’t be easier if I just went sans coffee.

I gave up ketchup for Lent and after 38 days have no desire for it…would it not be the same with coffee?

Nah…ketchup is one thing.  Coffee is another.

I’ll adjust the ingredients until I find an agreeable solution…or at least one that doesn’t set my teeth on edge.

After all, I’m a coffee commonsewer. If I can drink McD’s coffee lukewarm, I can get through this 270 cup container of Folgers Country Roast Mild.

Two cups so far, heading for my third. That only leaves 267 to go.

Drop by and stay awhile.  I’ll put a new pot of coffee on. We’ll drink and chat and drink some more.  That will bring it down to 257 cups.

Yeah, I’ve got this figured out.  Where’s the newspaper? Somewhere in this city, someone must have a good deal on Maxwell House French Roast!


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