Dogwood Winter

Monday morning, as Hubby and I walked in dawn’s early light, I noticed the local dogwood trees were sporting a little color and I suggested we were in for a cold snap later this week.

I knew the buds were larger Sunday afternoon, but no color was noted and I assumed it would be several days before they began to relax and open and a few beyond that before the petals began to grow and lengthen.

But, warm nights and warmer days tend to speed things along and each day I noticed the color becoming more prominent and changing from a dark creamy off-white to a clearer/cleaner white.

Dogwood Winter couldn’t be far off and all it took was a glance at the forecast to know that a cold snap was set for this week’s end with temperatures dipping to the upper 30s at night and dancing around 60 in the daytime.

Redbud Winter is past.  Dogwood Winter is upon us.

I smile as I watch life emerge around me, as I feel the brisk air and the warmth of the sun, as I hear Spring’s impromptu jam session swinging in the tree tops.  🙂

2 thoughts on “Dogwood Winter

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