Redbud Winter, Dogwood Winter and Now What?

Redbud has faded.  Few blooms remain as green leaves sprout and take over the limbs.

Dogwood is in its full glory – brilliant white blossoms against a backdrop of green.  Yes, green. Dogwoods are sporting green leaves.

Maples have bloomed and have begun to leaf out. Spring is here.

Redbud Winter came and went. Dogwood Winter chilled us. And, then Spring warmed up to 88 degrees before the bottom fell out – the temperature dipped to around 35 the past two nights.

After Dogwood Winter comes Locust winter. This cold snap should herald the awakening of that tree but in all my looking I’ve not seen the first Locust tree. Perhaps I just don’t know where to look.

After all, this is my first Spring in this location after 30+ years absence.  The Locust trees I was familiar with in my childhood neighborhood no longer exist.

In our travel South last weekend, we encountered Locust trees in bloom.  It was amazing to me that as we left here and climbed into the higher altitudes of the mountains, Spring seemed to slip backward.

What had already bloomed here was just coming into bloom there. And, as we slid down into the Lower South, it seemed Spring accelerated with each mile we drove. By the time we reached our destination we knew Summer was near.

Our return via a different route was a similar experience, only in reverse. Near Summer faded to early Spring, which gave way to mid Spring’s blush here at home.

Locust Winter? I won’t know until I see blooms. Am I a winter off? I don’t think so. Dogwoods sport green leaves amidst their blooms. Dogwood winter is past. Isn’t it?

If the white, frosty ground yesterday morning was any indicator, this has to be Locust Winter.

Mom, however, says it’s still Dogwood Winter.  “Dogwood trees are still in bloom. This is the middle of April, you know – not the first of May and certainly not the end of May. We’re going to have a bit of Winter weather thrown in from time to time. That’s how Spring is here.”

Yes, I know…that’s how Spring is.

I have a garden to plant and flowers to grow. I’m eager to get the seeds into the ground – and for the ground to warm enough for the seeds to germinate and the seedlings to grow and not be stunted by the cold..

Patience is a virtue, they say. And, I am patient –

  • patiently searching for illusive Locust trees
  • patiently enduring the temperature fluctuations
  • patiently cutting grass in 88 degree weather
  • patiently covering tender plants to protect them from frost
  • patiently watching the calendar
  • patiently waiting for Blackberry Winter’s arrival
  • patiently wishing for a 2013 Farmers Almanac for this area
  • patiently learning and remembering the ins and outs of planting here
  • patiently remembering that we are 400 miles North of where we lived 30+ years
  • patiently waiting for the weather to settle
  • patiently hoping I remember what I learn this Spring and can apply it to the next
  • patiently seeking advice from those who know more than I
  • patiently accepting wisdom from sources with experience and understanding

Is this Locust Winter? Time will tell.

Does it truly matter whether it’s Locust Winter or another bite from Dogwood Winter? No. It matters not.

This is Spring – a time of awakening and newness, a time for embracing change and of finding place and purpose – a time of ebb and flow, hot and cold, up and down.

Each cold snap has its purpose and performs its duty – delaying this, awakening that.

Locust Winter? Stay tuned. I’m taking a walk around the neighborhood this afternoon just to look for Locust trees. 😉

Oh, and Mom also said Locust trees bloom only after they leaf out.  So, as much as I hate to say it…I may be wrong. (Hubby, I hope you aren’t reading this…but if you are – yes, I said it, and, no, I won’t repeat it.)

Tomorrow’s post will include Locust tree sightings and their progress.

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