Spring Cleaning

I despise cleaning house.  I’d rather work all day in the yard – cutting grass, digging, clipping…anything – than be holed up in the house cleaning.

Why? Because out side work is so much easier and much more satisfying – at least to me.  The yard stays cleaned up and looking nice far longer than inside the house does.

There’s so much “stuff” in the house – giving it a good, thorough cleaning requires moving stuff around, picking things up…and by the time I’ve done that my cleaning time is gone and I’m exhausted and frustrated.

Outside, I can set to work and see immediate results – huge results.

It’s time to Spring Clean inside.  All this “stuff” has to go…somewhere. And, that “all” includes the “stuff” filling the garage.  It’s time to set things in order here, inside where we live.

We have too much stuff and too little room for it.  Hard decisions need to be made.  I need to prune inside, like I prune outside.  I need to mow inside with the grass catcher on and dump everything collected out by the road.  I need to take the pressure washer and wash everything loose and out of place out the door and down the driveway.  I need to take the leaf blower and send it all out into the yard where I can rake through it and discard most of it.

I remember Spring Cleaning time as a child.  Mom would clean from ceiling to floor, from wall to window to doorway.  Nothing escaped her touch or her cloth.  Nothing.

I hated Spring House Cleaning.  Still do.

The thought of doing so overwhelms me as I look around.  But, as I’ve learned with yard work, you step up and step in and start clipping.  Standing around with hands on hips wondering where to start doesn’t get it done.

And, neither does sitting here writing about it. 😉


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