Three days ago, I finished garden prep and planted seeds.

  • pink eye/purple hull peas (105)
  • zucchini squash (15)
  • goose-neck squash (15)

Twelve tomato plants had been placed in the garden three days prior.

Okra, remains to be planted and it will go into the ground before this week is out.  Cucumbers, too, await planting – an afterthought for my sister-in-law.

I hesitated to plant okra because it hesitates to sprout if the ground isn’t warm.  With cool temperatures (Locust Winter) forecast for Saturday and into Sunday, I felt it prudent to await the return of warmer weather.

Before planting, I debated the wisdom of doing so with heavy rain forecast Friday night through Sunday morning. Light to moderate rain would do little more than wet the garden and soak the seeds.  Heavy rain and amounts up to two/three inches would wash the seeds away – and perhaps the soil as well.

I decided to plant and risk the possibility of heavy rain arriving before I could return to cover the seeded portion of the garden with a large tarp.

The garden is a block away from my house, in Dad’s old gardening plot begun when my brother and I were barefoot and shirtless on warm Spring days.

Friday morning, before the wind rose and the sky darkened, I headed down the hill, through the gate and into the backyard that holds so many fond memories for me.  The huge tarp was waiting for me in Dad’s shed.

The seeded portion of the garden was gently watered, then covered with the tarp weighted down with blocks and bricks to keep it from blowing away during the wind, rain and storms.

Sunday afternoon, Hubby helped me remove the heavy, wet tarp.  Light rain continued to fall throughout the day – just what that part of the garden needed.

From planting to first harvest averages around 60 days for the vegetables planted May 2.  Planting season here is a lot later than it was when we lived 400 miles South of here.  By now, plants would be up and maturing with harvest around the first week of June.

But, not here.

60 days takes me to the first week of July – just in time for our Fourth of July cookout.


Maybe our first tomatoes will come in about that time, too!

Fresh home-grown tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, grilled squash…yum!  And, perhaps we will have a few pods of okra to toss onto the grill, too!


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