Writer’s Block

For the past hour, I have done everything I can think of to force my brain to come up with something to write about this morning.

I’ve searched online – looking for news, weird things, odd happenings, ideas – to see if something would trigger my brain and prompt me to begin typing.

But, my hour long search has yielded me little more than information, some of which I could have done without.

  • a man was swallowed by a hippo and lived to tell about it.
  • there were twin UFO encounters over 1000 miles and 2 hours apart
  • a woman was accidentally shot, by her husband, in the mouth with a harpoon
  • this is National C……. Week (sorry, have to keep this G rated)
  • what really happens in women’s restrooms
  • there is a World P…. Size Map (again – sorry, have to keep this G rated)
  • bigfoot sightings are up
  • woman slapped a deputy to go to jail and quit smoking
  • smokejumpers intending to land in hot spot land in illegal pot garden
  • scratch and sniff card prompts natural gas leak scare
  • Houston braces for giant snail invasion
  • man uses spoon to break out of maximum security prison in Russia

Disappointed I didn’t provide links?  Ha ha! Believe me, none of the above will enhance your reading skills, enlighten you, provide information you need, or entertain you.

Writer’s Block is a dreaded (dare I say “hated”?) malady that befalls all writers from time to time. There’s nothing like sitting with fingers on keys and finding nothing within that wishes to flow outward through fingers.  The page on the screen is as blank and wordless as my brain.

The Guide to Grammar and Writing says it well.

For many writers the worst part of the writing experience is the very beginning, when they’re sitting at the kitchen table staring at a blank sheet of paper or in front of that unblinking and perfectly empty computer monitor: “I have nothing to say,” is the only thing that comes to mind. (read more)

I am not articulate in expressing my thoughts well through spoken word.  My brain speaks through my fingertips – writing words I have no idea how to pronounce, giving voice to thoughts and emotions that swirl in my head but cannot exit my mouth in intelligible language.

Writer’s block, for me, is akin to what a loquacious individual feels when struck dumb by laryngitis.

Staring blankly at the computer screen rarely cures a case of writer’s block.  If you are struggling to find the words, check out 13 Famous Writers on Overcoming Writer’s Block and Top 10 Tips for Overcoming Writer’s Block.

Or, you can google “odd news.”   😉


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