Housework App

Upon posting yesterday’s blog piece, WordPress popped up a little thingie to the left side of the page that congratulated me for posting my 144th and provided a little thought for my blogging journey.

The desire to write grows with writing. Desiderius Erasmus

Ah, if only the desire to clean house grew with cleaning!

Truly, I could sit and write all day, accomplishing nothing more than that of putting words on paper (or in virtual format) and recording thoughts, views, information….

The more I write, the more I want to write.  It’s as if my brain needs to download (or is it upload?) all this stuff within it so I can get on with life. Writing is for my brain what defragging and deleting cookies is for my computer.

Perhaps I should think of housework in the same light – defragging and deleting cookies in the house.

Hmmm…. When I look at housework in that light, I see a lot of fragmented, unused, out dated, out of place items. Yes, my house needs to be defragged. Wish there was an app for that.

And, are those cookie crumbs I see?  Oh, my…looks like I need to delete cookies, too!

Time to go offline, boot up the program titled “housework,” pull out the trash can, dust cloth, broom and vacuum…and upload, download or just plain offload some of this mess into the garbage can outside.

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