Into Darkness

Last night, Daughter took Hubby and me to see Star Trek into Darkness – the new Star Trek movie.

We three trekkies had seen the first remake of the original Star Trek and were eager to see the follow up.

It didn’t disappoint.

Though, I’ll admit seeing Spock embrace emotion leaves me a bit uneasy, it’s interesting to see how they take what was in the old series and turn it into something new.

How? They do so by tweaking a few decisions made early in the first movie.  These decision changes create a different story line, a different flow…different reality…different future.  Same characters, different outcome.

When I track back to my childhood…teen years…early adulthood, I see decisions made that launched me on this path.  And, I see decisions I could have made differently that would have produced quite a different story line for me…flow…reality…future.

That brings me to this – decisions I make now will influence the rest of my life and that of those around me.

I must remember to choose wisely with thought to where I wish to be in 5 years…10 years…20 years.

The future is before me.  Opportunity to change my path is now.

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