What an emotion-filled month June is for me this year.

Tomorrow, June 5, marks the one year memorial of the passing of my sister-in-love’s (SIL) mother.

The 8th of June is the day we arrived in town last year for her “visitation”/funeral, and the day I realized my own dad had little time left to live.

9th marks the burial of my SIL’s mom.

The 10th found us heading back home with heavy hearts – my mind set on preparing to return within days to remain with my parents until after Dad’s death…long enough to get Mom on her feet and feeling secure.

June 14 marks the day we returned, amazed Dad had declined so much in 4 days.

June 16 is our wedding anniversary.  Last year was the first we celebrated apart in our 34 years together.

June 17 was Father’s Day.  Dad died just before 11 a.m.

(This year our anniversary is on Father’s Day, which provides an interesting dilemma and added emotions.)

On the morning of June 18, Brother, Mom and I were seated at a table in the funeral home making plans for Dad’s funeral/burial.

Hubby and Daughter arrived on the 19th in time for “visitation” at the funeral home.  It was their first time to see him – the pallor of death had been covered with makeup and his skinny form covered in a favorite suit.

The 20th drew friends and family together for Dad’s funeral.

June 21 – Hubby and I took a long walk and make life changing plans to move here to live near Mom.

June 22 provided a change of pace. Hubby had a wedding rehearsal – that of our son.

The wedding, on June 23, went off without a hitch but not without a tear or two. Dad/Granddad was missed – he had hoped to see these two wed.

(Their first year anniversary will be celebrated with their newborn daughter.)

The 24th sent Hubby and Daughter home to begin the task of packing their things, with the understanding that I would remain with Mom until she was settled and felt secure enough to be left alone.  And, then I would go home to pack the house, say goodbye to our life there, and move here.

It’s been a long year.

And, it seems June has already been a long month even though I’m only 4 days into it.

Yes, there will be tears in the days ahead – and plenty of opportunities for tears.  But, there will also be smiles and laughter as we remember and celebrate SIL’s mom, Dad, our 35th anniversary, Son and DIL’s 1st anniversary, our new granddaughter, our new life here, new friends, new opportunities, the first ripe tomato…and Mom’s renewed health.

(Mom almost died Mother’s Day morning.)

Yes, we have much to be thankful for – much to rejoice in.

God’s grace, mercy and peace was so evident last June.  Each day ticked off above is a reminder of God’s presence, goodness, love and care.

And, I’m reminded that I’m not alone and I don’t have to walk through this month on my own. God is ever present.  And, Hubby is here to hold my hand and walk through June with me.

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