Junin’ Around

“What are you up to today?” I ask Mom.

Her reply, “As Mee-Maw would say, just junin’ around.”

“Junin’ around” is a term I grew up with.  My paternal grandmother described her daily housekeeping activities as “junin’ around.”  What she meant was – she was busy but didn’t seem to be accomplishing much at all.

Another of her phrases was: “It takes a lot of piddling to get a little housework done.”

As I look around me, I think I need to piddle a little more and incorporate a bit of junin’ around.  My house looks like it’s seen neither in quite some time.

I much prefer Mee-Maw’s sister’s (my great-aunt Lib’s) term “gallivanting around” to junin’ around.

Gallivanting gets me out of the house and I’m free to take direction as I please. Junin’ implies I’m circling constantly within, never quite finding the end.

Circling is fine if I’m marking a place on a map I intend to visit while out gallivanting. But, the endless junin’ around of housework? No thanks.  Makes my mind numb to think of it and reminds me of a June Bug with one end of a thread tied to its leg and the other pinned to my shirt.  It can fly but only in a circle and only as far as the string will allow.

Throw me into the yard, hand me a shovel or rake and I’m happy.  So is my mind.  She’s free to gallivant with the wind.

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