Father’s Day White Rose

This is my first Father’s Day to wear a white rose in memory of Daddy.

He died Father’s Day morning, 2012.

From the earliest age at which I could be trusted with a straight pin, I have honored him each Father’s day by wearing a red rose pinned over my heart.

From this Sunday forward, I will wear a white rose in memory of him.

In memory.

Memories of my dad are sweet, and they grow sweeter as days pass without his presence in them.

(I pause here and allow some to roll through my mind – snatches of time frozen in memories. Those of you who knew my dad are calling up your own memories now.)

I am Daddy’s daughter.  I see him reflected in the mirror’s image of me.  I feel his expressions upon my face. My daughter says I walk like him.  Mom says I work like him. Hubby says I have his stubbornness.

My brother bears resemblance to Daddy, too.  I could look at him forever, just picking my dad out of his features, mannerisms, utterances, attitudes….

I see him in his grandchildren – and yes, in his new great granddaughter.

My dad was the best of the best. (It’s okay if you disagree – I would hope you would consider your own dad in that way.)

I miss you, Daddy. We all do.

I love you.

Happy Father’s Day!

And, Happy FIRST Father’s Day to Son! What an exciting time for him. I see my son in Sophia and know as she grows older, I will see him in her many times over.

When Dad died last Father’s Day I thought surely the celebration of Father’s Day was past for me, but God has a way of opening doors and throwing off shutters that allows us to see and experience beyond our own darkness and step into the light of others.

My son…a DAD!  His Grandad would be so proud.  I know I am!

And, Happy Father’s Day AND Happy 35th Anniversary to Hubby who so graciously agreed to celebrate our anniversary yesterday instead of today.  I love you!


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