First Wedding Anniversary

Can it be?

Has a year truly passed since Son said “I do” to his bride?

The calendar doesn’t lie. There it is.  June 23.

I think back to this time last year.

June 23 was the end of a hellish, emotional, roller coaster week for me.  Dad had died the Sunday before and we had buried him Wednesday.

The emotional mix and the fatigue I felt demanded relief.  But, there was no relief to be found.

And, here I was heading into another emotionally demanding situation – my son…my only son…getting married!

My desire was to be fully present for them/with them, and to experience their joy and excitement.  The only way to do this was to let go of my grief and ignore my fatigue.

I wanted relief, but what I found instead was release.

When I let go and lived fully in the present I released the weight that bore me down and that release brought relief.

On their wedding day, Son and his bride were lost in the moment and in their love for each other.  It was a beautiful ceremony. Son looked handsome as he stood there watching his bride make her way toward him.  She was stunning…beautiful!

Hubby walked them through their vows and across their “I do’s” and pronounced them “Husband and Wife.” Their joy was infectious, light and freeing. Their happiness, complete as they walked hand in hand down the aisle and out the door.

My son…married…a wife and a life of his own.

It felt so good to be surrounded by happy, celebrating people.  It was easy to forget, easy to release the burden, easy to set aside the sorrow and churning thoughts. I had much to celebrate!  I had much to be happy about.

Son was now married – and not just married to any woman.  He married the best! She’s his true love – his soul mate – his happiness.

Hubby and I danced the night away.

Well…sort of.

Perhaps it was my heart that did most of the dancing.

I’m not sure what others would call the attempts Hubby and I made, but we called it dancing and enjoyed the release it brought us and the relief we felt as we laughed and loved and looked forward to what’s next for Son and Daughter in Love – and for us as well as we began to plan our move here.

A year truly has passed and they celebrate their First Wedding Anniversary.

Much has changed for them in the last 365 days.  Two became One.  And, One became Three.

Three became Four Weeks Old two days ago.

A year ago, none of us had any idea of the joy that lay ahead of us. It was difficult to look forward, to plan ahead, to feel anything beyond what had been experienced.

Release brought relief.

What do you need to release today in order to find the relief you crave?


3 thoughts on “First Wedding Anniversary

  1. Yes, wifey it has been a long fifty-one weeks that followed that long hellish week filled with grief-stricken week. Still that night we danced the night away was filled with joy and release. Joy being in your arms and release as we watched the celebration. That night and the next ten days with did much to prepare us for the next six weeks of our lives. The only thing that would have made it better was to see your mom and dad dancing that night. Yet, one day they will be seen dancing–dancing eternity away in heaven. And as long as Hubby and Wifey can continue to dancer away together difficult days everything will be alright. Soon as Three gets older Granddaddy and Big Momma will laugh and dance together in joyful remembrance of Great-Granddad.

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