Making a List, Checking it Twice

I lost my list…

…the one with ideas for Suzansays posts.

It’s supposed to be right beside my computer, within easy reach should a thought cross my mind that I want to explore further or an idea pops into my head.

After several frantic seconds of panicked looking, I found it.

But in those brief seconds, my mind crafted a blog piece – what would happen if I’d not found the list and if I’d asked Hubby if he’d seen my “list.”  It went like this.

Me to Hubby: “Have you seen my list?”

Hubby: “What list?”

Me: “The little blue list that sits right here beside my computer.”

Hubby: “I didn’t know you have a blue list beside your computer.”

Me: “I don’t anymore.”

Hubby: “Where did it go?”

Me: “I don’t know.  That’s why I’m asking you.”

Hubby: “How would I know where it is if I didn’t even know you had one there?”

Me: “Aarrrgggghhhh…you didn’t pick up a little blue piece of paper that was on the floor beside my desk and throw it away, did you?”

Hubby: “Was it crumpled?”

Me: “Did you throw away a crumpled piece of blue paper that you found beside my desk?”

Hubby: “No.”

Me: “Did you throw away a piece of blue paper, crumpled or not, at any time yesterday?”

Hubby: “No.  Why?”

Me:  “Never mind. I’ll just go dig through the trash and see if it’s there.”

Hubby: “I took the trash out before we went to bed last night.  You might want to check the recycle bin, too.”

Me:  (Silence.  I open my desk drawer and pull out a blue Post It Note, stick it to the top of my desk and begin to write.)

Hubby: “What are you doing?”

Me: “Recreating the list…or as much of it as I can remember.”

Hubby: “If you can remember it, why do you need the list?”

Me: “I have lists for everything.  I’m a list maker.  That’s who I am.  If it’s important, it’s on a list somewhere.”

Hubby: “Is my name on a list somewhere?”

Me: “Yes.”

Hubby: “What list?”

Me: “Probably several lists, actually…a to-do list, a travel list, a remember-this list, a shopping list, emergency contact list…like I said, several lists.”

Hubby: “Where are they?”

Me: “Where are what?”

Hubby: “The lists.”

Me: “What lists?”

Hubby: “The lists with my name on them.”

Me: “I don’t know. Why?”

Hubby: “You have lists and don’t know where they are?”

Me: “Yeah…that’s how this conversation got started, remember?  I was looking for a list.”

Hubby: “What’s the point of making a list if you don’t keep up with it?”

Me: “Making a list clears my head, organizes my thoughts and lets me see – in order – what I need to do, remember, etc.  It helps me keep up with what’s important, like I said earlier.”

Hubby: “Let me get this straight – you make lists but don’t keep up with them and the reason you make the lists is so you can keep up with what’s important…right?”

Me:  “Right. Most lists I make are made for one reason – and that reason is to arrange my thoughts and my life in such a way as to see clearly what needs to be done and weed out what’s not important.”

Hubby:  “Okay.  But, if this stuff you write down is important to know and remember…why don’t you keep up with the list?”

Me: “Some lists I do keep up with…like the list of blog post ideas.”

Hubby: “But you lost that list.”

Me: “Yeah, it would appear so.”

Hubby: “Was my name on it?”

Me: “Hmm…yes, I believe it was.”

Hubby: “What were you planning to write about me?”

Me: “It’s not important now.”

Hubby: “What do you mean it’s not important?”

Me: “That post idea, whatever it was, can’t top the one I’m thinking of writing right now! 😉 ”

I’m a list maker.  Hubby is not, apart from that of entering appointments on his calendar. If I am away from home and find myself sitting/waiting for several minutes, my mind automatically begins organizing things into to-do lists. And, I usually whip out my notepad and begin writing things down.

Will I ever look at the list again?  Probably not until I find it and throw it away (after wondering when I wrote it and why I created that particular list). Sometimes it’s enough to create the list.  Listing creates order in my mind and if my mind is orderly, so is my world.

If you, dear reader, are not a list maker and wonder why I would ever deem it good to write one, take a look at this link and learn why I, and others like me, make lists.

Wait…I’ll make it easy for you…I’ll share the list of 10 Reasons Why We Love Making Lists.

  1. Lists bring order to chaos.
  2. Lists help us remember things.
  3. Most lists are finite.
  4. Lists can be meaningful.
  5. Lists can be as long or as short as necessary.
  6. Making lists can help make you famous.
  7. The word “list” can be tracked back to William Shakespeare.
  8. Lists relieve stress and focus the mind.
  9. Lists can force people to say revealing things.
  10. Lists can keep us from procrastinating.

I’d love to hear from you.

Are you a list maker?  Do you attempt to order your world in this way?

If not, how do you (pretend to) keep your world in order…your mind wrapped around what’s important…your day governed and your appointments kept?

I’m eager to learn new ways.  And, I’m eager to hear how other list makers keep up with all the lists they make…here, there and everywhere.

(In case you’re wondering, I didn’t share this with Hubby prior to posting.  He’s a good sport and will have a good laugh about it.)


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