July 4th

Homemade vanilla ice cream is a tradition at my parent’s July 4th gatherings.  The old churn was on it’s “last leg” last year, according to Brother.

This past Sunday, Brother delivered a new ice cream churn to Mom’s house.  He and Hubby unpacked it.  After reading the instructions, Brother asked if I would fill the wooden barrel with water the morning of the 4th (this morning) so the wood would be ready to accept the ice and the ice cream bucket that afternoon when it was time to churn.

Would I?  You bet I would!

It looks like he’s taking over this family tradition in the absence of Dad.

This makes me smile.

The ice cream churn is electric, but it has a handle, too.

Do I think Brother will plug the churn in and just stand back and let it happen?

No, I think he will act on the memories that surface so strongly today.  I think he will engage the manual crank.  I think he will test his muscles.  I think he will remember how hard it was to crank the churn by hand when he was a boy – and how he watched Dad crank tirelessly for what seemed like forever…never tiring…never complaining.

Brother was present for July 4th celebrations at my parent’s house.  Me? I can only remember several that we were able to attend.

Watermelon and hand-cranked ice cream – that’s what July 4th celebrations from my childhood bring to mind.  Family. Friends. Eating grilled hotdogs and burgers, baked beans, and chips. Fighting flies. And, fighting off potato salad.

Oh, and firecrackers!  I wonder…will there be firecrackers?  No, I don’t light them.  It’s hard to light them when I have my hands over my ears!

Fireworks here may well be rained out.  No worries.  Each July 4th evening, it is customary for Hubby and me to sit in front of the TV and watch the Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular – POP Goes the 4th.

Well, enough writing about what I’m going to do.  I’m out of here – gonna break me off a big piece of the 4th and enjoy!

Happy 4th of July, everyone!

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