Behind Schedule

I slept two hours later than usual.

Body was tired and mind…well…she needed a rest, too.  Last week was a busy week and I’d not slowed down at all, or allowed myself to recover from a day filled with grass and hedge cutting in bright sunlight with a temp of 95 humid degrees. Day after day I pushed myself.

Push on. Push through.  Get it done.  That’s my mantra.

Sometimes that’s good.

Sometimes that’s not so good.

I over did and now I’m overdone.  Body said, “Enough.” And when she says she’s had enough, I don’t have a choice but to obey her.

It frustrates me when my body demands rest.  But, I remind myself that there are things more important than getting the job done.

Taking care of myself is one of those things.

Being kind to my body and mind is not a selfish or frivolous activity.  It’s necessary and beneficial – to me and to others around me.

So what if I’m behind schedule.  I create my schedule.  I punch my own time clock.  No one even knows I’m behind schedule but – ME.

So…why don’t I schedule in a little “me” time to ensure I get the rest/recovery time I need?

Good question…and one I don’t have an answer to.

Apparently, until now I’ve not thought it important enough to make sure I schedule regular maintenance on the engine that drives this force called “ME.”

With regular maintenance, this body is less likely to break down and this mind is more likely to remain sharp.

Makes sense – take care of the body and the mind and they take care of “ME.”

Hmm, perhaps I’ve not thought “ME” important enough to schedule “me time.”

What about you?  Do you schedule in a little “you time” each day to keep yourself in tip-top shape physically, emotionally/mentally and spiritually?  If not, why not?

My day calls to me – time is slipping away.  Before I answer, I’m heading to my Google calendar and schedule in a little “me time.”


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