Stomp That!

Hubby pointed to something on the floor near me and said “Stomp that!”

I looked around quickly and asked, “What?”

“That spider!  Stomp it!” he said.

I followed his pointed finger and saw a moving speck on the floor.

As I lifted my foot to stomp it, the spider took flight.

“It’s a fly, Sweetheart. Spiders don’t fly,” I said sweetly to Hubby.

“Not yet, they don’t,” Hubby answered.

And, then he reminded me of the SciFi shows we have watched lately – where reality is…twisted.

There, life is lived on the Fringe.

Alternate realities intrude.

Weirdness rules.

Terror reigns.

And, these people who work on the fringe of the FBI take it all in stride, never getting excited.

A spider that flies would be nothing to them.

To us, however, it would be a nightmare.

It’s one thing for spiders to crawl, to walk,  to run, to swing from webs.  And, it’s quite another for spiders to sprout wings and FLY.


A spider that you can’t stomp?  A spider that can fly down the collar of your shirt?

That would be like a fly with fangs!

(shiver again)

Spiders rarely bite, so why do I scream like Kate Capshaw in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom?

Am I that terrified of them?

Apparently so.

It seems FLIES should strike terror in me…in us all.  People don’t get diseases from spiders.  We get them from flies.

The little feet of spiders don’t tread on dog poop or under the seat of toilets.  They don’t crawl around on my food, or puke or poop on my plate. Spiders hang out on webs or hide in corners and occasionally find themselves tangled up with me…usually because I invaded their territory.

Flies, on the other hand, invade our territory – buzzing into our homes, lighting on our garbage and then on our dinner. Nibbling on the brown crust that hides under the lip of the toilet and then landing on our lips while we sleep at night….

Here are a few…interesting facts about flies.

  • there are over 120,000 species of flies
  • flies live for about 30 days
  • the housefly is one of the most common insects
  • flies can smell garbage (or poop) over 760 yards away
  • a single unemptied garbage can be a breeding ground for over 30,000 flies
  • flies are found on all 7 continents
  • many diseases are spread by flies – to name a few: typhoid fever, dysentery, cholera, yaws, anthrax. leprosy, tuberculosis, salmonella

Where’s my fly swatter??  Ah…there it is.  Here little fly, come out come out wherever you are. I have something for you.

Ah…there you are!



Good riddance.


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