Speak English

The words CLOTHING DRIVE stare up at me in red letters from the bold yellow postcard on my desk beside me.

The postcard sits slightly askew and the letters are more vertical than horizontal as I read them.

My sleepy brain picks up C L O T H I N G and asks “what’s CLO THING?”

I look again.




CLO-THING? Hmm, that sounds familiar.  CLO-THING…ah!  CLOTHING!

What’s clo-thing?

Oh, yeah…clothing…like clothes…like things I wear…like…clothing.

Cloth-ing? What…?

(Time for a cup of coffee.)

Is it any wonder many find English so difficult to learn?

I think back to when I taught my children to read phonetically.  One grabbed onto the ideas, embraced them and read everything in sight.  The other couldn’t make heads or tails of it all and didn’t read until age 12.

Phonics were not in vogue when I learned to read.  We learned to read by sight…or was it site?  We knew the present tense and past tense of read. We learned past, present and future participles, along with their passive, progressive, and perfect forms.

We learned the forms of “be” – such as: am, are, is, was, were, been, being (“bes” was not among them) and when to use them. And, we learned that “be” is a verb and “bee” is a noun and they will both sting you if you aren’t careful.

We also learned that a noun becomes a nun if the “o” is removed, and that a nun is a noun, but a noun is not necessarily a nun.

A quick check of the clock reveals I’ve reveled too long in my writing and it’s time for me to change cloths, I mean clothes, and embrace the ours, I mean hours, before me.

Wow, this post has elf (oops) left me in a days…I mean…daze.

Sometimes I wonder what drives me to write such drivel. 😉


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