Like a Hot Knife Through Butter

Every other Monday I cut Mom’s hedges.

Did I mention she has hedges all the way around her yard?  Some are taller than I and wider than I can reach across.

It’s a several hours event when using an electric hedge trimmer, two full days of clipping with manual clippers.

Cutting hedges is not my favorite chore but this summer I’ve learned to become quite proficient with electric trimmers.  I’ve only cut the cord twice – the first time I used an electric trimmer and the last (yes, yesterday).

Until yesterday, the trimmers I used were old.  Dad had several in his shed and I burned through them.  The edge was gone on them and though they cut, it was a slow, tedious job.

And, the old trimmers were heavy, the blades long.

But, they cut (for the most part) and cutting was what I wanted them to do.

Last week, four of the old trimmers refused to do the job well, and so they found new homes – hopefully with someone who will appreciate their years of service and know how to sharpen them for more service.

That left three – and, a huge gas powered trimmer with a L-O-N-G blade bar.  Did I mention the thing is heavy?  No, I didn’t.  It is.

I had not yet used the three remaining trimmers, so I wasn’t sure they worked and if they worked, how well.

Mom and I discussed the need for new ones.  It was agreed that we would pick up a set the next time we were at Walmart.

“The next time” was this past Sunday.  The only trimmers available were HUGE.  Not something I wanted to lug around and hang onto for several hours every other Monday.

I shook my head and said, “These are way too big for me to use.  I won’t make it through.  I’ll have to stop and rest often.  I need one smaller – a lot smaller – so I don’t have to stop and rest…just keep on cutting until the job is done.”

Mom suggested Lowes or Home Depot, but I shook my head.  She was tired and it was time for her dinner. I told her we would look another day – that I was certain there was something in the shed that would work okay for one more cut.

She reluctantly said “okay” and we headed back to her house.

Though I told her I was certain, I truly wasn’t.  And, I dreaded finding out just what was available and how well it would work.  I was seriously thinking of trying out the gas powered trimmer (it was new – had been used only one time) but was afraid I might cut my head off just pulling the cord to start it.

Monday loomed large on my horizon.  Rain was forecast for today and I knew hedges HAD to be cut because Tuesdays are for grass cutting – and there wouldn’t be time to get both chores done today before rain arrives.

My online work ran far later than I expected, well beyond noon, and it was 2:00 pm before I arrived at Mom’s ready to begin on the hedges.

When I walked through Mom’s kitchen door, I saw an orange Black and Decker 17 inch hedge trimmer box standing in the corner.

It was just my size.

I inquired about it and Mom said, “Your brother brought it over this morning.”

I could have danced a happy dance right there.

A quick text thanking him for the trimmer prompted one from him that read, “Somebody said you needed new exercise equipment.”

Like a child at Christmas, I couldn’t wait to open the box and try out the shiny new toy.

I was amazed by how well it cut – like a hot knife through butter. Wow!

Mom issued the usual warnings – don’t cut the fence, don’t cut yourself, don’t handle the blades, don’t cut the cord, watch your fingers….and I was off to trim.

About dark, I put away the equipment and closed the door to the shed.  The hedges were cut and they looked GREAT, thanks to the brand new electric trimmer!

Mom asked me where I hurt and I assured her I had no pain.  The trimmer was the perfect size and weight for me.

This morning as I type this, I think of my surprise and joy at seeing the trimmer sitting there in the corner.  And, the ease with which it cut still amazes me.  And, the fact that I’m not stiff and sore this morning makes me smile.

Thank you, Brother, for the new exercise equipment!  I appreciate it – and I appreciate you even more!


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