Cut Electric Cord = No Power

It makes no difference how new, how shiny, or how sharp the electric hedge trimmer is if there is no power behind it.

When I first turned it on – WOW!  My 200 ft extension cord permitted access to the entire yard. The electricity running through it kicked power to the trimmer each time I pulled the trigger on the hand grip.

Cutting hedges was quick work as the super sharp blades sliced quickly, cleanly and easily.

“Like a hot knife through butter” is how I described it.

That’s exactly how it sliced through the bright orange extension cord, too.


I watched it happen.

And, I was amazed by the whiffs of white smoke that curled from the cut cord.

As I stood staring at what I had done, the kitchen door opened and I heard Mom call out.

Apparently cutting the cord had done more than cut the power to the trimmer.

It had also blown two fuses in the house.

The cut cord was of no concern at the moment.  The blown fuses had cut the power to just about everything, including the extension cord.

To be on the safe side, I unplugged the trimmer from the extension cord and the extension cord from the power source that was no longer…and headed into the house. (With the power restored, the cut cord would become dangerous.)

“Did you cut the cord?” asked Mom.

“Um…yeah,” I replied. “Do you have any fuses?”

“Yes, but I don’t know how to change them,” Mom said.  “Your daddy always did that.”

“Believe me, I have a lot of experience with fuses,” I glumly told her.

With power restored to the house, I headed out to the patio where I had placed the cut cord and the now powerless trimmer.

Mom joined me.  I asked for the key to Dad’s “barn”…to look for something to repair the cord.  She assured me I would find no electric tape, but went back inside and returned moments later with the key.

I entered Dad’s “barn” – a barn in looks, but more a workshop in function.  For the most part, it was as he left it the last time he had walked out and closed the door over a year ago.

Mom was right.  There was no electric tape there, or in the corner cabinet of the washroom where he had kept such things…or in the “junk drawer” in the kitchen.

I returned Dad’s key and grabbed my house keys.  I knew there was a roll of electric tape at my house – and I knew there were some wire caps as well.

With “I’ll be right back” thrown over my shoulder, I headed up the hill for what I needed, shaking my head as I walked.  What a day it had been so far.  Nothing had worked out as I’d planned – the afternoon was nearly gone and the hedges were trimmed only 1/5 of the way around the yard.

I wanted to sit on my porch and cry.  Frustration and anger tugged at me.

I had a decision to make – would I own the frustration and do something about it by collecting what I needed and go back to repair what I’d broken and finish the job?  Or would I feed my frustration tears and indulge in a pity party that wasted more of the precious daylight left in my day?

It took me only minutes to grab what I needed and in five more I was back on Mom’s patio working on the cut cord.

I’d seen Dad repair cut cords when I was a child.  And, I’ll admit…I’ve repaired a few of my own.

With the cord safely repaired, I plugged all back in and prepared to be electrocuted as I pulled the trigger on the trimmer.

It buzzed to life, eager to slice and dice again.

Darkness was gathering as I finished the hedges and there were no shadows as I put away the trimmer and cord.

What a day it had been.  What hope I’d had for it.

Though my plans and schedule were turned upside down, all was not lost as I feared it might be.

I learned much about myself, about choices, accidents and carelessness, about saying “if God wills I will do such and such”, about acting instead of reacting, about hitching up my pants and doing what’s necessary to get the job done, and about facing my fears and pushing through when I’d rather sit down and cry about it.

It was a not so very bad, could have been awful day.  And, I probably wouldn’t change anything about it.

Why?  Because Someone other than I orchestrated it and because all didn’t go according to MY plans, I received more from the day than I would have ever offered myself on my own.

Truth is I am powerless until I plug into the Almighty.


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