For Every August Fog a Winter Snowfall

August 1.

Foggy morning.

Mark my calendar with a “1.”

That’s one snowfall predicted.

Weather-lore learned in childhood returns to me time and again – more a part of me than if I’d learned it from a book.

Several weeks ago, Mom stopped in mid-sentence and said “I need to mark my calendar. I just heard the first ‘dry fly.’ Three months from now we will have our first frost.”

It seemed a little early to me for Cicadas to be singing, but hey…I’d been a South Georgia girl longer than a Tennessean and things happen later in the year down there.

If truth be told, I’m okay if the first frost is LATE and there are NO snows this winter.

The garden is in full swing and I wouldn’t mind harvesting into December. 😉  It would be nice to have a freshly picked ripe tomato gracing the Christmas table.

August is freshly turned and I’m not all that crazy about thinking ahead to cold winter mornings and fuzzy PJs.

This past July was the coolest in my memory – and as much as I wrack my memory I can come up with no weather-lore pertaining to that. And, there’s nothing online about it either. The only thing I can figure is that a cool July means lower utility bills.

Nothing like “free weather” in the midst of Dog Days!

Nothing like “free weather” in the middle of Winter, either!

Several weeks ago, I noticed Oak leaves were falling early this year and the older leaves of Hackberry trees were yellowed and littering the ground beneath them.

“When leaves fall early, Fall and Winter will be mild.”

Ooh, I like that one!

A foggy August 1st doesn’t necessarily mean a cold, snowy, hard winter.  It’s just one foggy morning marked on my August calendar. Just one – and, everyone hopes for a white Christmas!


2 thoughts on “For Every August Fog a Winter Snowfall

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