Aged Two Years in Two Days

Friday, Hubby was talking with a woman and shared that our daughter would turn 28 on Saturday.

“No, Honey,” I corrected, “she turns 29.”

“Are you certain?” Hubby asked.

We quickly did the math: 2013 – 1984 = 29.

Hubby said, “Wow! That’s right, Son turned 30 this year! We’re getting old!”

Yeah, we are…and so are our “kids.”

Saturday morning, I rose before daughter went to work and greeted her with “Happy 29th birthday!”

“Thanks, 28th,” she corrected.

“No, 29th,” I said.

“Are you sure?” she asked.

“Positive,” I answered.

There was a pause.

And, she asked again, “Are you sure I’m not 28?”

“Yep – wait…I’ll get my cell phone and calculate.”  And, I did and she WAS 28 – Friday, the day before her birthday.

“Wow!” was her reply.

When she and her brother were younger, I had a hard time remembering how old I was…and how old I would be.  I reminded her of that.  She remembered their delight in confusing me.

And, now it is Daughter who hangs onto the old age.  It’s easier to hang onto who you were the past 365 days than it is to embrace the new that becomes you when time ticks past midnight and into tomorrow.

Hubby rose early just to wish her Happy Birthday and she shared with him her confusion about her true age.  He laughed, but didn’t tell her that he had suffered the same concerning her only a day prior.

No one wants to increase their age, unless, of course, they are under the age of 21, or nearing the age of 100.

As Hubby returned to bed and Daughter made final preparations for work, I heard Hubby say, “aged two years in two days!”

Daughter caught it and laughed, understanding immediately what he meant. (Like Father, like Daughter.)  It blew right over my head (not a drop of coffee had yet stirred my brain) and so I asked, “What do you mean?”

Hubby said, “Yesterday she thought she was 27.  Today she learns she’s 29. She aged two years in one day.”

Wow.  That would be quite a shock!  A whole year lost.

It’s a good thing she’s already lived it.  And, what a year it’s been for her.  She’s stretched her wings and flown higher and farther than ever before.  Each day – filled with new experiences, new growth, new adventures – brought opportunity, maturity, and direction.

So what if she’s 29 now and not 28.  It’s just a number.

Next year, however, when she turns the big 30 – now that’s something she will remember and from that point on will know she starts her count with “30” and for the next 9 years will be 30 something.

Wow.  How can it be possible that my daughter is knocking on the backside of 30?

How old am I anyway?  Where’s my cellphone? I need to calculate.

I KNOW I’m not over 50….

Happy birthday, Dear Daughter!  Happy birthday to you!


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