11 Weeks Old

How is it possible that Sophia is now 11 weeks old?

It seems like she should be only a few weeks old.

I woke in the wee hours with Sophia on my mind a few days ago.  I think of her often during the day, and search her parent’s Facebook pages daily for updates and pictures of her.  But, to awake with her on my mind and so heavy on my heart was a first.




And, I’ll admit, a bit disquieting and confusing.

Had I dreamed of her?  I had no idea.  All I knew was that I woke with her instantly on my mind and heart.  So much so that my arms actually felt empty and a cry tugged at my throat.


How I love that baby girl!

She generates within me such emotion that I can hardly speak when I’m in her presence.  I don’t know whether to cry, or laugh out loud, or shout to the world.

And, to awaken with her on my mind and so heavy on my heart…. There’s so much I want for her, for her parents, for her grandparents….

All I knew to do was talk what I felt over with One much wiser and more capable than I.

And, so, I did.  I poured out my heart and my concerns and my thoughts (that emotions prevent me from giving voice to) of Sophia to the One who loves her even more than I – and was comforted.

Though my arms were empty and my words were only mute emotions, God heard my heart and understood my unspoken thoughts in those dark hours before dawn.

My prayers for her safety and good health, her happiness and prosperity, her parents and their needs, for her Grammy’s concerns…and our own. I knew these were heard and would be answered.

Sophia was safe, at home with her parents.  This I knew.

I was being a silly grandparent. This I knew, too.

Being a grandparent allows for a certain amount of silly stuff. In fact, it’s expected. That’s comforting, I suppose, and also a bit scary.


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