The Squeaky Wheel

You know the old saying.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

How many times have you applied a little “grease” to a “squeaky wheel” just to get it to…shut up?

While cutting grass at Mom’s, I noticed something squeaking.  It didn’t seem to matter what the mower was doing – or not doing – the squeak was there or it wasn’t.  The mower ran fine, the wheels all turned.

It just squeaked.

Well, apparently Mom’s hearing is superb and the squeaking reached her ears inside the house.

I look up and there she stands on her front porch with hands on hips and a glare in her eye.

I turn off the mower and approach her.

“Can you hear that squeak over the noise of the mower?” she asked.

“Yes,” I reply.

(I heard it, but had learned a long time ago to ignore some pesky squeaks – that the squeaky wheel doesn’t ALWAYS have to get the attention it demands – and, the older you get the more you realize some things are just going to squeak, so tune them out and go on.)

“Well, do something about it,” she instructs.

And, so I do.  I get the little can of 3 in 1 oil and I anoint everything on that mower that I think could even think of squeaking.

Did it work?

Yep. Sure did.

Not a squeak did that mower speak as I cut the remainder of the front yard and zoomed through the back.

When I think of all the squeaky wheels in my life, I wonder if applying a drop or two of 3 in 1 oil would help.

Nah…I’ll just go on ignoring them and hope they can find a better way to get my attention than by playing the “squeaky wheel game” with me.

My kids learned that it’s the squeaky wheel that gets to sit in the corner and who misses out on what the other little wheels get to do.

Don’t squeak at me.

Squeaky wheels – listen up!  I have a new can of 3 in 1 oil sitting in the cabinet under my sink.  One more squeak out of you and….


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