Missed Blessings

Thirteen large cucumbers – that’s how many I picked from our few vines in one picking.

Not a great amount…no…it’s not.

Unless you consider that two days prior I had scoured the vines and picked at least that many, if not more.

Two of the full sized cucumbers most recently picked were hanging (my vines are caged and grow upward) in full and plain view. How did I manage to miss them when I picked cucumbers two days before?

It seemed that each time I bent to look under a leaf, there was another cucumber.

I was amazed!  Still am.  I can’t figure it out.  Sure, cucumbers grow fast when they have ample rainfall. But, not that fast. Besides, we’d not had that much rain.

And, yes, before you ask, I had on my glasses when I picked cucumbers the day I missed so many.

And, yes, there were a few that I allowed to remain on the vines because they were smaller than I wanted.  But, 13?  No way!

It’s just not possible!

It’s not possible that I missed 2 large cucumbers when I picked 13, either, but I did.

Somehow, someway, during the 2 hours I spent cutting grass, two small cucumbers ballooned in size – one to over 6 inches and the other to over 5.

I don’t know what called me back to check the cucumber vines, but I obeyed the urge and there in the dwindling light found the two I’d twice overlooked.

Perhaps it was the change in lighting.  Cucumbers are camouflaged and can hang hidden amongst the leaves and shadows.  With the change in the sun’s angle changing the location of shadows and lit places, it’s possible that what was hidden before became visible.

It pays to take a second look later.  Seeing things in a new light can enlighten us to new things and open doors we thought nailed shut.

In light of the changes we all go through daily, let’s be willing to look a second time. Hidden blessings are worth searching for.  Let’s not be so quick to close the book on possibilities and pass judgment on what appears to be in the current light of day.

Shadows shift and blessings hidden are revealed when we look at things in a new light.


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