The Bucket List – of a 4 year old

The Bucket List, a film released in 2007, drove home the point that we are all going to kick the bucket one day and most of us have a wish list of things we’d like to accomplish before we do.

When we think of someone creating a “bucket list” it’s usually someone facing death, or concerned about dying…someone far older than, say…4 years old.

In the Kenyan village of Amoboseli, for example, one in five children dies before turning 5 because of unsafe drinking water….The emotional footage shows Nkaitole (pronounced Guitolie) checking off items on the list, obviously unaware that the pretense for this project is to drive home the point that the boy—and others like him—might not live to see his 5-year-old birthday. Read more.

Take a few minutes and watch the video.


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