WD-40 – More Than You Think

Daughter asked me if I knew of anything that would remove super glue from her fingers.

I suggested nail polish remover, but in the back of my mind something nagged at me…something that would gently remove it.

But, no matter how much thinking I did, I couldn’t think it up…not until I came here to post today’s piece.

Several days ago I had come across an article on Reader’s Digest’s site that contained oodles of uses for WD-40.

I knew it would remove gum from hair and clothing (used it for that purpose when Daughter was 3), and that it would loosen a rusty bolt.  And, I knew some people rubbed it on arthritic hands and knees.

But, I didn’t know it could do SO many other things!

Bet you don’t either!  If you don’t have a can of WD-40 under your kitchen sink or in your garage, check out the article below.  You might want to get a can…or two.

It’s good stuff!  😉



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