Issue Taken – Point Being

A friend took issue with something I wrote here, in my Suzansays blog.

At first, I was shocked.  Yes, I was.

Then, I felt a little hurt…just a little.

THEN, I was excited and said, “You read my blog?”

“Yes!” said she.

“WOW! How awesome is that?!?” I replied.

She, however, did not see how her concern over my written words should evoke such joy in me.

I just laughed.  Not at her, of course. I love her dearly and would never wish to hurt her.

But, you see…I’m a writer.  Writers write.

I’m also a blogger.  Bloggers write to be read.

She read my blog.

Yes, she did!  That’s exciting to me.

I don’t write to be agreed with.  I write to write.  And, I blog to be read.

The post that she had issue with was a success simply because she took the time to read it.

That’s the whole point of writing a blog!

And, you know what’s equally exciting?  She told some of her friends things I’d said.

Yes!  She did!

And, yes!! they read my blog, too!

Take issue with what I write – that won’t bother me one bit.  I’ll know you read it and that will make me happy beyond words.  If you take issue with something I write, I’ve made you think and caused you to get off the fence and choose a side, make a decision, take a stand.

That’s a win / win the way I see it.


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