While typing on my laptop, I reached for the right shift key with my little finger.

Immediately I felt something go “sproing” within my hand and then intense pain spread from the top of my hand, through to my palm.

Typing was painful.  In fact, anything I did with my right hand produced pain.

It affected my grip and range of motion.  I found myself using my left hand for tasks usually accomplished by my right.

Or, rather, attempting to complete tasks with my left.

Have you ever tried to comb/brush your hair with your non dominant hand?  Or, your teeth?

When in 2nd grade, I broke my right wrist and endured a cast for several months.  My left hand learned to perform many everyday tasks as my right hand rested. But, it never became proficient at any of them.

It’s amazing how smart our dominant hand is and how well connected to the brain it seems.

My poor left hand seems upside down and inside out when it comes to performing simple tasks and disconnected from my brain when it comes to figuring out how to hold a brush or pencil.

My left hand’s job is to type on the left side of my keyboard, to lift my coffee cup for a sip, to brush the hair out of my eyes, to hold an item while my right hand works on it….

When called upon to do things it’s not familiar with and is not wired to accomplish, confusion and frustration are the norm.

So it is in life.

Things rock along rather well when I’m in my element and working in the area in which I’m interested, proficient and experienced.

But, take me out of that element and place me in something in which I have no clue, no interest, no experience – I become totally left-handed in my approach.  It’s a disaster.

I’ve found that when I’m spinning my wheels, feeling frustration, and accomplishing little it’s time to take a step back and a hard look at what I’m doing, where I’m doing it, and why.

My strength lies in my dominant traits and abilities.  That’s where my focus needs to be – on my right-handedness, not off on some tangent that feels left-handed to me.

What about you?


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