What’s That Smell?

Something smelled bad.

For two days I looked in the kitchen for the offending odor.

  • I took out the garbage
  • I washed out the trashcan
  • I bleached the sinks and drains
  • I checked under the cabinet
  • I looked under the stove top
  • I washed the recycle bin
  • I looked in the microwave
  • I peeked between the fridge and the wall
  • I looked under everything and behind everything I could
  • I stood in the middle of the floor and sniffed
  • I cleaned the floor
  • I cleaned out the refrigerator

And, there it was – in the back of the refrigerator, on the bottom shelf, hidden behind Daughter’s gallon of milk and Hubby’s tea pitcher.

It was wrapped in a white plastic bag and was impossible to see until I got on my knees and looked deep within the fridge.

I knew immediately what it was.

Several days prior I had bought a whole chicken – something I rarely do – and had placed it in the fridge to deal with later.

Life happened, days passed, and the chicken was pushed deeper and deeper into the fridge and farther from my thoughts.

The rancid odor it now produced drove me to deal with it right away.

Into the trash it went and out the door the trash bag sailed, landing with a thud on the ground.

I washed the offending odor from my hands and slipped on shoes.  The next day was trash pickup and I intended to be rid of the smelly memory of my delay, failure, procrastination, error…sin.

Out the back door I headed, down the steps and into the yard where I grabbed up the trash bag. I flipped open the lid to the huge trash receptacle, placed the bag inside, and slammed the lid closed on it forever.  Then, without delay, I pulled the trash receptacle out to the road where I left it.

While outside, I inhaled deeply, cleansing my lungs and driving the lingering memory of the smell from me.

Before entering the kitchen door, I placed my face inches from the 4 o’clocks that bloom beside the porch and inhaled deeply.

Ah…such sweet fragrance….

Back inside I went to deal with the lingering smelly problem.

  • I threw open doors and windows
  • I aired everything, even the refrigerator
  • I cleaned out and disinfected the refrigerator
  • I sprayed Febreze
  • I washed my hands
  • I forgave myself

Yeah, I did.  I forgave myself.

“Why?” you ask?

Because I was the one who created the problem.  I was the one who made the stink because I chose poorly and put off doing what I should have. It was me who caused the waste, not someone else.

What good would it do to punish myself?  I felt badly enough as it was.

Forgive and move on.

That’s how I try to live.

Want a piece of advice?

Deal with issues before they begin to stink.  Just like the old chicken in the fridge smelled up my house and cost me precious hours as I searched for it and cleaned up after it – old hurts, memories, wrongs will smell up your house and cost you precious time, too.

Stop putting it off.  Deal with what’s there.  Do it now. Don’t be embarrassed.  You’re not the only one who’s experienced it, who’s done it, who’s had it happen to them.

  • Clear it out
  • Air it out
  • Clean it out
  • Find the positive
  • Forgive yourself/others
  • Move on

If you can’t find the source of the problem, get help. Don’t let it continue to stink up your life, your home, your relationships. You deserve better.

Gotta run.  I’m off to the store…I hear they have good price on whole chickens….


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