Slick Underfoot


What’s in that stuff?

Daughter sprayed it on her hair to smooth it and fight frizz before going to bed.

I didn’t notice a problem until I headed to the throne room the next morning to attend to morning needs.

The floor was slick.

And, it was shiny.

My bare feet slipped and slid on the dry floor and I landed with a thud on the throne, thankfully rear first and not head first.

“What’s on this floor?” I screeched in my best pre-coffee voice.

“It’s what I sprayed on my hair last night…I noticed it this morning at 1 when I went in there.  It’s only slick to bare feet.”

Only slick to bare feet….”What was it?” I asked as I glanced around the throne room for the offending spray.

“Hair stuff!” was her rely.

I looked at my bare feet and at the small stretch of shiny, slick floor that stretched from where I’d landed to the throne room door.

A towel was on the floor, so I pulled it close and wiped my feet on it before standing.  The towel, apparently, had been sprayed as well and added to the precarious situation.

I grabbed a damp washcloth and tossed it to the floor and began wiping the floor with the cloth and my bare foot.

That didn’t help.

I grabbed a Clorox cleaning cloth from the cabinet beneath the sink and tried it.

No good.  Still super slick.

I heard Hubby stirring and issued a warning as I headed for the kitchen where I kept 409.

409 would strip paint off of walls and remove crayon from carpets (believe me, I know) – surely it would work on the stuff coating the floor.

It took two scrubbings with 409 before most of the stuff was gone.

I looked at the bottle to see if there were any warnings. Apart from the usual “keep out of eyes” there wasn’t much that I could read…such teeny, tiny print.

An online search yielded this:

Caution: Combustible. Avoid fire, flame and smoking during use and until hair is fully dried. Avoid spraying in eyes. If this occurs, rinse thoroughly with water immediately. Use only as directed. Keep out of reach of children.

Ah…there’s the problem.

Keep out of reach of children.

I put the Frizz-ease bottle up…where she can’t reach it.  That should take care of any further problems.

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