Farmers Market

I suppose the last time I visited the Farmers Market here was when I was young…perhaps as young as 6.  I would have been with my dad and it would have been to purchase a watermelon – most likely for the 4th of July.

Yesterday, Hubby surprised me with an early morning trip to the Farmers Market.  It had changed and grown up, just like me.

But, unlike me, it didn’t improve with age. 😉  At least, in my opinion it didn’t.

Farmers no longer sold out of the back of their pickups or car trunks and peas, corn and beans weren’t spread on a tarp under the shelter to allow the morning dew on them to dry.

No, few farmers were present.  And, the folks who were knew little about the products they were selling.  Overpriced, and often still chilled from refrigeration, “fresh” veggies and fruits were piled on tables and overflowed baskets.  Wilted okra filled a basket over which hung a sign that said simply: “freshly picked okra $3.”

I’m not sure what I expected to see when we arrived at the Farmers Market.  But, I certainly didn’t expect to find produce priced higher than what I can purchase at Walmart or Kroger.

Granted, field fresh, field ripened produce is worth the extra cost, but I found little that I would call field ripened.  And, fewer still that I could consider freshly picked.

I learned that just because produce sits below a sign that designates a certain farm didn’t mean the produce necessarily came from that particular farm.  South Carolina peaches were piled on the tables of most vendors/farms/farmers represented.

There were several items that I hoped to procure while at the Farmers Market – a nice, large vine-ripened tomato to slice for our Labor Day cookout, okra (at a good price), sweet potatoes (again, at a good price), bell peppers (yes, at a good price), and peaches that tasted like…peaches (and, yes, at a good price).

And, I hoped to find a surprise or two.

The tomato I purchased was “vine-ripened” but had been picked while it was still partially green. Pretty, it won’t be very tasty. The sweet potatoes looked like those we were familiar with in GA, but the price was triple what I was willing to pay.  Okra at $3 a pound was something I could live without. But, I did purchase $2 worth of heirloom okra that was…rose colored. (Can’t wait to cook it!) The South Carolina peaches were beautiful, but picked too green to ever taste peachy…or to develop the delicious aroma of tree ripened peaches – and at $2 a pound…well…with the peaches weighing in at about a pound each…you get the idea.  Bell peppers – I bought $3 worth:  6 at 3 for $1 and 2 for 2 for $1 (red, orange, white, yellow, green, purple, burgundy, variegated).

The time spent with Hubby was precious and priceless.  The tour of the Farmers Market was enjoyable and we met some friendly people who were eager to share their stories.  One in particular – the one with the rose colored okra – was a favorite and we will return to check out his farm‘s produce from time to time.

Thank you, Hubby, for the trip down memory lane.  And, for the wonderful time we had together!



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