Bent Blade


That’s what Mom called me when I shared with her that I’d managed to bend the lawnmower blade.

How? I’ve no idea.  Did I do other damage? Don’t know yet.

All I know is I was cutting the grass and all of a sudden the mower blade dug deeply into the ground – and I mean deeply – cutting out a swath a foot wide and throwing grass and dirt high and wide.

And, what a racket it made as it slowed to a stop.

And, oh, the silence when I tried to start it.

This mower and I have already had one run in…well more than one but the others haven’t been quite so noteworthy as to rate a blog post.

When the mower did its thing, I attempted to push it to the driveway so I could take a look at it.  It wouldn’t push.  I had to push down on the handle and lift the front wheels off the ground before it would move.

The blade was hanging up on the ground. That’s how twisted the blade was.

When I reached the paved driveway, I set the mower on all four wheels and started to push it, but the blade scraped the pavement.  I, again, lifted the front wheels and pushed it until I reached the carport.  There, I propped it and looked under it.

I could see the bent blade.  But, what I didn’t see was what caused it to bend.

I grabbed the hose and washed the underside of the mower deck. The blade had sprayed dirt and grass all underneath it when the blade dug into the dirt.  With that removed, it was clear to see…nothing unusual.

The spark plug was still attached to the wire thingie so I was careful not to turn the blade.  But, I did wiggle it a bit to see if the blade was loose – nope.  And, I looked at the shaft to see if it looked bent – nope again.

The bent blade was all I saw.

Back out into the yard I went, intent on finding the cause of the damage.

Not one thing did I see that would have caused the blade to bend like that or to dig into the ground.  I assume the blade bent first and then, because it was bent, dug into the ground and hung up there.

One second it was fine and the next it wasn’t.

Baffled and bewildered, I returned to the mower and peeked underneath it again.  Yep…the blade was bent.  I’d not imagined it.

There was only one thing to do – put the mower away.

I sighed as I did so.

Tearing up the lawnmower was not on my to-do list and not part of my plan. But, it quickly made itself right at home smack in the midst of it all and claimed precious time as its own. And, it will make its way onto my to-do list and into my plans over the next few days as I attempt to get the mower running again.

Bent blades have a way of doing that.

A bent blade comes with a price attached:

  • time lost
  • money spent
  • trouble
  • frustration
  • property damage
  • personal injury
  • delay
  • difficulty
  • increased workload
  • unexpected hardship

It is what it is.  All that’s left is what you do with it, about it and because of it. Sometimes, the best thing is to just put it up and walk away from it for a while.

What do you do when a bent blade knocks out your productivity?

How do you react when a bent blade slices into your plans?

How do you feel when a bent blade costs you precious resources?

Here’s an interesting thought:

Are you ever the bent blade?

  • in a relationship?
  • project?
  • church?
  • work?
  • family?
  • group gathering?
  • board meeting?
  • marriage?

If you are…what are you going to do about it?


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