When the Spark’s Gone

Hubby went out to cut our grass.

He filled the tank with gas.  He primed the carburetor (twice).  He pulled the rope that cranks the engine.

And, he pulled it again.

And, again.

And…again and again and again and….

Then, he realized the wire to the spark plug had been disconnected.

Yep, I had taken it off when I was cleaning out the grass and gunk that had collected under the mower deck.  I didn’t want to accidentally bump the blade and jump start the mower.  That’s a good (or bad) way to lose a hand.

And, yep, I’d forgotten to reconnect it when I finished.

You can pull that cord all day long and that mower won’t crank without the spark plug connected.

When the spark’s gone (Hubby just appeared over my right shoulder and said “When the spark’s gone…is our spark gone?!?” Um…no.)…ahem…as I was saying, when the spark’s gone it’s impossible to power up and get down to business.

You can pull all day, but the go is broke if the spark is gone.

Where is the spark gone in your life?

  • your marriage?
  • your relationship with family?
  • your job?
  • your dreams?
  • your direction?
  • your vision?
  • your relationship with God?

Hope isn’t lost just because the spark is gone. Rethink. Restore. Reconnect.

Then pull with all you’ve got and rekindle that flame and reignite that fire that burned so brightly within you, between you, and because of you.

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