I Don’t Believe You

I was asked to look up information and find a solution to a problem.

I did.

From the reaction I received, the solution offered was unexpected and not welcome.

“What? I don’t believe you!”

“It’s right here in black and white,” I offered.

“I don’t care.  It’s wrong, I tell you!”

“Look. I googled your question and came up with all of these sites.  Every one of them is a trusted site endorsed by and run by those in the medical profession. If anyone knows, they would,” I explained.

“NO! I’m not accepting this.  Look further and see what you can find. This has to be wrong.  I’m not willing to do this!”

Ah…and there in lies the rub.  I’m not willing to do this.

The solution to the problem was simple. But, it would require major change in one particular area of life.

I’ve already asked myself the question I’m about to ask you and my answer shocked me.

How often have you been confronted with a solution that will solve/resolve a problem you have and your response is “I’m not willing to do this”?


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