Summer’s End

The high temperature forecast (here) tomorrow is a harbinger of what’s to come.

76 degrees is quite a drop from the 93 steamy degrees experienced two days ago.

Yes, Autumn is just around the corner and Summer is nearing its end.

The cooler temperature will tell the okra, “13 feet is high enough – you can slow down now.” Though it will continue to grow and produce until the first frost nips it, production will begin to slow.  And, for some reason that saddens me.

Autumn has always been my favorite season of the year.  But, this year, I dread to see it come.

And, I don’t know why.

Perhaps because it seems to pass so quickly – no lazy days…a quick change artist that slips in amongst Summer green and exits just before Christmas.

Days pass too quickly and then it’s Winter – the dark, cold days descend on us. Days of indoor activity, dry heat, colds/flu, arthritis pain and stiffness.

But, wait – before I throw myself into an “I dread Winter” mentality – we’ve another week of Summer yet!  And, another glorious Fall lies before us.

September 22 is the First Day of Autumn (Autumnal Equinox) for most of the Northern Hemisphere.

Q: Why do I dread Winter?  Ans: Because it brings me pain, forces me to remain indoors, and creates hardships.

But…why do I dread it? “Dread” is an emotional response to fear.  Do I fear Winter?

No, I think what I fear is change.

Most likely a lot of the pain I feel in Winter is directly related to the use and abuse my body suffers during the long hot days of Summer when I’m out in the heat making things happen.  I push through pain/injury and make the most of the hot days.

But, as Summer ends and Autumn draws near, I feel that odd ache begin within me that is concurrent with Winter’s chill.

Dread settles in and I find myself obsessed with what will be when I should be enjoying what is – the last flash of Summer and the first burst of Autumn.

Summer’s end is the beginning of something new, beautiful, and invigorating. I don’t intend to let dread be a part of my Autumn experience this year.  I’m going to live in the moment, face the future, embrace the changes that Summer’s end brings to me and my world and squeeze all the good out of every minute God gives me.

What about you and that which you dread? Will you toss dread aside and make the choice to live in the moment, face the future, embrace change, and look for the good?


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