A Thin Red Line

So…it happened like this.

I was preparing my plate for lunch.

  • fried egg
  • potato chips
  • hand full of red grapes
  • something green…hmm…salad?

No.  I didn’t want salad. I pushed things aside in the refrigerator and found a forgotten square container of…cold, cooked, unsalted, several days old Brussels sprouts.


(You cannot imagine my joy at finding them so I simply placed a “!” to show my excitement.)

I love steamed Brussels sprouts! Especially cold from the fridge.


There’s only one way to eat them…

  • whole, if they are small
  • sliced in half, if they are large

…from the end of the knife I sliced them with.

There’s just something about skewering their little green brains (think Mars Attacks!) and devouring them!

Anyway, back to the story.

I had skewered my first green brain, I mean, Brussels sprout and placed it into my mouth via the pointed end of a sharp steak knife, when it happened.

(Yes, Hubby, I know…. And, Daughter, don’t laugh…. And, kids, don’t try this at home – or anywhere else.)

As I removed the knife, the sharp serrated edge snagged my upper lip and drew a thin red line on it. Or, rather, in it.

In disbelief, I ran to a mirror.

And, yes…The Knife had struck again.

As I sit typing this, on Thursday at noon-thirty, I’ve only one green brain left to nosh.

I skewer it whole with the tip of my knife and raise it to my lips.  The sting on my upper lip reminds me to be careful. I absentmindedly touch the sting with my tongue and find the salty taste of blood.

Carefully and with great skill I pluck the green brain from the knife’s tip with my teeth and munch down on its goodness.

I feel smart…far smarter than before I ate the green brains.  And, though my lip is smarting, I am patting myself on the back.

I’m so smart…that I’m not posting this today.  Or, tomorrow. Or, the next day.  I’m setting it to post Sunday, during church service, when no one who truly knows me should be online checking Facebook, reading tweets, or checking SuzanSays. And, by Sunday, there will be no indication that my little altercation with the knife ever happened.

It will be my word against my blog’s.  And, you know…you can’t believe anything you read online. 😉


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