Garage Stupidity

It’s been a year since we moved here from GA.

The house we had lived in previously was a century old and quite a bit larger than the small house we now call home.  Location, sometimes, is everything.

To give you a clue as to how small our house is – over half of our house could fit in the garage.

When we unloaded the U-haul trucks everything we didn’t need immediately, and wouldn’t need for a month or two, went into the garage.  Most of that stuff should have been discarded before we moved, but moves are often short-sighted (even though we think we are being long-sighted) as is evidenced by peeking into garages, attics, and storage buildings.

As much as I tried to organize things as we unloaded the trucks and loaded the garage, things ended up getting “just placed wherever.” His stuff, in one general area.  Her stuff, in another general area. My stuff, in another general area.  Our stuff, all over the place.

Some people call it “garage mentality.”  I prefer the term “garage stupidity.” A garage says “just stick it here, deal with it later…it will be here if/when you want it.”


Yes, it is.

We’ve entered the garage every day since moving in.  It houses the washer and dryer, the lawnmower, my tool box, etc. Boxes have been emptied, rearranged, peeked into, discarded, stacked and re-stacked….

Each time I entered the garage, I exited frustrated and determined to create order in the chaos.


Friday I spent 5 hours working in the garage.  I accomplished a lot.  You should have seen it at the 4 hour mark.  What a mess I’d made!  I managed to wall myself in completely and had to crawl over things just to be able to get out so I could clear more space and create more of a mess.

The organizing began in one corner and continued along one of the walls.  I looked in boxes (tossed some out the door) and containers and made snap judgments about things I’d been dragging with me on moves since 1996.

My goal was fourfold.

  1. to create a “work out” space for me to use during the winter months so I don’t put on 10 lbs like I did last Winter (I’ve worked too hard to get them off.)
  2. to create a place for my houseplants…I don’t intend to bring them into the house when freezing temps threaten.  The house is just too small.  A warm place in the garage with grow lights…that’s my hope.
  3. to create a work station for my at-home-job
  4. to create order out of chaos

I worked and worked…and worked.  Moving this.  Moving that….  And, when I reached the place where I needed to move 50 boxes of Hubby’s books so I could place a large bookcase against the wall and get it out of my way, I paused.

The space I’d intended to put it was…you guessed it…not large enough.  The mattress/boxsprings and head/foot of the bed (belonged to my grandmother) that we don’t have room for in the house, are in the way.  In order to slide them down I would have to….

I pulled up a chair and sat down.

I needed to rethink things.

Just how much was I willing to do to see my desire fulfilled?  Honestly, I wasn’t sure I was willing to do THAT much!

It would require me to enter Daughter’s domain and her section of the garage wasn’t someplace I cared to venture…dangerous…not safe.  Move one box and you move them all – literally.  Avalanche!

Yeah…I needed to rethink this.

I needed a new plan.

What I wanted to accomplish wasn’t impossible.  It would just be more involved and require a larger investment on my part (and probably that of others as well) than I had at first estimated.

I asked myself several questions.

  • Did I want to find the time and exert the energy required to move the mountain that lay before me?  Not really, but I would.
  • Would I have regrets if I DID persevere and make this happen?  No.  Not unless I broke something in the process (like a finger, arm, leg, nose…).
  • Would I have regrets if I DIDN’T continue on and fulfill this dream?  Yes, I would. Every day I would regret that I didn’t hang in there and make it happen.
  • Is it possible to come up with a workable plan for accomplishing this goal? Yes, it is.
  • Am I willing to put up with the inconvenience, frustration, and confusion this work will cause (for several weeks) myself, my family, my house and garage? Hmm….

And, I made this interesting discovery.  I’m willing to put forth the effort and sacrifice the time, but not sure I’m willing to put up with the inconvenience, frustration, and confusion.

More questions were in order.

  • Is this something that needs to be done?  Yes.
  • Is this something that will benefit me?  Others?  Yes and yes.
  • Is this something I have to do by myself?  For the most part, yes.
  • Is this something I can find the time to do?  Yes.
  • Is this something I really want to see happen?  Yes.
  • Is this something I want for myself?  Yes.
  • Is this something I need?  Yes.
  • Is it a goal worthy of the time I will need to invest…of the time that will be taken from others and other activities?  Yes.
  • Am I worth it?

In my head, I know the answer is supposed to be “YES!”  But, my heart isn’t so sure.

One more question will decide the fate of the garage.

  • Can I continue to live with things the way they are and be content…no frustration…no complaint…no dreaming of “what if”?

The answer is a resounding “NO!”

As you are reading this post, I’m out in the garage working to make my dream happen.

I’m tired of relegating things to the garage and putting off dealing with things that are unpleasant, emotional, difficult. I’m done with this garage stupidity.


Because I’m worth it, that’s why.


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